The YRRN Team 

The YRRN team is working every day to ensure that non-profits have the best available platform to use for assisting Heroes. Additionally, they work hard to ensure donor dollars can make a direct impact on the brave men and women who have served our country. They come from a vast array of cities and backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: They're all passionate about being responsible for the mission of the YRRN - To be a "Network of Nonprofits, People and Information to Assist Military and Veteran Families Recover". Sound interesting?

Want to join the YRRN team and help Heroes every day?

The YRRN is always looking for talented volunteers to assist with projects through graphic design and platform development. Volunteers will work on several projects that impact the lives of thousands of Veterans and military families as well as provide structure to some of the nation's top non-profits.

Individuals must possess strong ASP, ASP.Net and SQL database development skills and/or strong graphic design skills to be able to jump in and help. Are you a Veteran or love to serve them? Even better. Creativity is always welcomed and new ideas will always be reviewed for growth as long as they are in line with the mission. Volunteers should be able to commit or 6 months to a year at minimum.

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Reasons Nonprofits Use the YRRN:

The importance of Sharing INformation

In the past, non-profits have worked independently. The YRRN provides technology-based collaboration that ensures resources are maximized by eliminating duplication of all kinds. All requests for assistance on the YRRN are recorded with detail, so each case may be reviewed in the future.

The Protection of donor funding

Organizations have a responsibility to protect their donors and the valuable funding they provide. By joining the YRRN and its partners, donors will be assured their money is going to the most deserving individuals. Details of each assistance case provide answers to questions such as, who, what, when, why and how much.

Ease of Access

Partners of the YRRN, have everything in one spot. Heroes provide key information that partners need to fulfill requests such as: Military Background, Contact information, Reason for the Request, All Pertinent Documents, and key information provided by other Partners in real time.

Security of information

The YRRN is protected with comprehensive world class security at every level. Hosted in a private cloud solution with Secure-24, the YRRN is compliant, agile and flexible to maintain its mission being a "Network of Nonprofits, People and Information to Assist Military and Veteran Families Recover".