Scotty Smith, Senior Creative Director & Project Advisor

Scotty Smith is a Senior Creative Director from Tampa, Florida. "The Sunshine Sate" has been home to Scotty his entire life. Scotty holds two degrees, with one in Commercial Art (1998) and Interactive Media (2002). Throughout his career in technology, he has worked with companies and individuals who have shaped the IT world as we know it today. Early on Scotty was mentored by the founder and patent holder, Paul McDaniel, of the extension application .asp. This close relationship allowed Scotty to see that creative technology would be the future, but artistic as well.

Scotty's work history is lined with exceptional companies like, Fortis Software & Communications (Software Design & PR), Intelladon® (eLearning), Hydrogen Media® (Web Design) and Sheffield Digital Imaging® (Design and Broadcast Animation). With a broad expertise in the technology race, he has combined his talents to SkyHawke® Technologies, the parent company of SkyGolf® – the creators of the #1 Rangefinder in Golf, SkyCaddie®. With his leadership as Senior Creative Director since 2007, the company has won numerous awards and is recognized as the leader is golf technology.

With two brothers currently in the military, Scotty understands the challenges that come with military life. His involvement with the YRRN provides excitement and knowledge to the future and development of the network's success.

Steve Renfrew, Senior Developer Advisor

Steve is an application developer, programmer and server administrator for the past 15 years utilizing Microsoft technologies and working with a multitude of high profile companies. He has lived in Texas for many years and calls the Dallas / Ft. Worth area home. He is well known for his programming skills, which has afforded him to be part of some of the nation's most recognized projects. As the Lead Programmer for, he was able to design and develop a system which holds vital information regarding children's identity in order to aid law enforcement for the well known "Amber Alert System". To construct a system that alerts police and the public of missing children, Steve worked hand in hand with the Ohio chief of police and Donna Norris, the mother of Amber Hagerman, whom the Alert System is named after.

This type of critical thinking as a technical architect also allowed him to lead in projects like, which offers pre-negotiated prescription medication plans that are accepted at 1000's of pharmacies nationwide. Steve also built an entire eLearning application while at Intelladon (former company) that is still used today by such companies as; UPS, Frito Lay, Raytheon, University of South Florida, Bert Rodgers Schools and AAA.

As for his military and Veteran passion, the YRRN hits very close to home. Steve's father is a former Marine and National Guardsman who served during the Vietnam conflict. Steve is responsible for the entire database, scheme and server functionality of the YRRN since the project inception, nearly 3 years ago.

Michelle Gaffigan,
Developer / Advisor

Mitch is from Chesterton, IN and is the Chief Technology Officer at InTouch Pharmaceuticals. As head of technology, he is in charge of its full computerization, including its systems administration, software development and deployment. Mitch completed high school though the Stanford Education Program for Gifted Youth, a fully accredited online independent school situated at Stanford University. After one-year as a student at Purdue University North Central, Mitch began his pursuit of a Master's in Business Administration by taking correspondence courses through Edinburgh, Scotland-based Heriot-Watt University. At 20 years old, full work days often means he studies at night, in the early hours at 2 a.m. just like regular college students.

Outside of his commitment to our nations Heroes and working on the YRRN – and - while not working or studying, Mitch volunteers at the Valparaiso Memorial Opera House helping with its computer network, running the technology during performances and help its crew maintain the equipment. He also helps with the audio-visual needs of St. Patrick Catholic Church in Chesterton. Mitch is a member of the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs and a member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He is currently working toward obtaining his pilot's license.

Troy Raszka, Design Contributor & Advisor

Troy Raszka is a marketing consultant from Palm Harbor, Florida. He graduated cum laude from the University of Cincinnati with a B.A. degree in 1992 and was a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society. With a strong background in advertising and marketing, Troy Has held key positions with Devine Communications of St. Petersburg, Florida and Lazzara Yachts of Tampa, Florida and has won several prestigious awards in recognition of his ability during his tenure. Currently, Troy is the Marketing Director for Organic Salon Systems of Palm Harbor, Florida.

Through his own company Troy R Advertising & Marketing, Troy shows his passion to assist our nations Heroes by working with the YRRN technical team and providing expertise in consulting and brand design.

Michelle Carroll, Mulitmedia Advisor

Michelle is from Los Angeles, CA and produces training and marketing screencast videos and slideshows using Camtasia and PowerPoint animation. She has over 15 combined years of training, administrative, operations, project management and writing experience. Michelle worked for 10 years at holding several operational positions (including Training Manager) for a sales force consisting of over 350 people nationwide. She significantly reduced training costs by replacing live training sessions with webinars and training videos.

Michelle has several passions including swing and country dancing, travelling, photography and fully supports the Military and Veterans who have served our great country.


"Because of all of them, we are FREE"

"We owe them EVERYTHING!"

"There's no way we can repay their sacrifice, but we can help ensure that they and their families have the basics."

"I am a simple patriot and supporter of those who fight for our freedoms."

"We love our country and the men and women who serve it. THANK YOU and keep working hard! It will get better, God Bless."

"It's the Least we can do, we all owe them so much"

"We owe our freedoms and liberty to our armed forces. They put themselves in harm's way for us every day. They deserve our support"

"My brother, Nephew and Son all served in the Marines, so that all of us could enjoy the security and freedom that we so often take for granted"

"I am just someone who respects what they have done for all of us"

"Simply put: I benefit everyday by the actions of these people. This is not about me"