Partner Enrollment 

Partners to the Yellow Ribbon Registry Network (YRRN) are limited to approved organizations that have achieved prominence through their good works that serve military personnel, Veterans, Survivors and their families. All organizations utilizing the YRRN to provide assistance are vetted and will follow a code of conduct to employ best practices, which demonstrates the commitment needed to assist our nation's heroes and their family members. Our view is that we should all devote as much pride and determination in service to the community of Veterans, servicemen/women and families, as we would expect from them in our national defense.

What are the requirements to become a YRRN Partner?
Be registered as a legal non-profit in the United States and be in good
IRS standing

Display a strong commitment to serving the needs of military and
Veteran families

Have a visible history of good work with the military and Veteran families

Serve at least 200 military or Veteran families with financial aid services

Have a history (at least 3 years) of granting financial aid as a non-profit

Have at least one year of financial statements audited financials
(most recent completed year end)

Have a strong belief that non-profits should communicate to better assist needs on the YRRN

Have the capacity to maintain a partnership with the YRRN and its partners, including posting, editing and managing online Heroes

Please fill out the form below:
Organization Name:
Year Founded:
Non Profit:
If Yes, is the most recent year 990 complete?
Official Website:
Contact Name:
City :
Zip Code:
Contact Number: --
# of Heroes Served Last Year:
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Reasons Nonprofits Use the YRRN:

The importance of Sharing INformation

In the past, non-profits have worked independently. The YRRN provides technology-based collaboration that ensures resources are maximized by eliminating duplication of all kinds. All requests for assistance on the YRRN are recorded with detail, so each case may be reviewed in the future.

The Protection of donor funding

Organizations have a responsibility to protect their donors and the valuable funding they provide. By joining the YRRN and its partners, donors will be assured their money is going to the most deserving individuals. Details of each assistance case provide answers to questions such as, who, what, when, why and how much.

Ease of Access

Partners of the YRRN, have everything in one spot. Heroes provide key information that partners need to fulfill requests such as: Military Background, Contact information, Reason for the Request, All Pertinent Documents, and key information provided by other Partners in real time.

Security of information

The YRRN is protected with comprehensive world class security at every level. Hosted in a private cloud solution with Secure-24, the YRRN is compliant, agile and flexible to maintain its mission being a "Network of Nonprofits, People and Information to Assist Military and Veteran Families Recover".